Xinmin Institute

Xinmin Institute

New People will learn to set up site cum sen's former residence, located in Changsha, Ying Zhou Xinmin Road, table bay, near the West Yuelu Mountain, east of the Xiangjiang River. In 1918, Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen and other progressive youth as "a collection of gay and creating a new environment" and initiated the establishment of Newman Society, in the same year on April 14 inaugural meeting was held in the former residence of the main room. 

Xinmin Society aims first to "reform academic, tempering behavior, improved customs and people," determined after "transformation of China and the world" for learning policy. Before and after the May Fourth Movement, the New People Society launched a youth went to France to work-study movement in Hunan, leading the revolution in Hunan students find the truth, all walks of life to carry out a series of joint struggle against imperialism and feudalism. The core members of the New People learn to strong advocacy of Marxism and the Russian October Revolution, the establishment of the Russian Research Institute of Hunan, the founder of the Cultural Book, the formation of the Socialist Youth League in Changsha, and in 1920 founded the Communist Party of China, Changsha early organization. In 1921, Mao Zedong, Communist Party of China, Changsha Shuheng organizations on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party "a great" made for the creation of the Chinese Communist Party ideology, in theory, the preparation of cadres. Xinmin learn the fate of China had an extensive career and impact in the history of Chinese revolution, known as "Party Harbinger." Communist China "one big", the Institute completed its historic mission and automatically shut down. 

Xinmin Society a total of 78 members, of whom 31 were in the early Communist Party members. Great proletarian revolutionary Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, Shuheng, Xiang Jingyu, LUO Zan, Zhang Kundi, Guo Liang, Chen, Cai Chang and others are outstanding representatives of the Institute. 

New People Society, founded in 1983 will be the former site of Hunan Provincial People's Government announced by the provincial cultural relics protection units, 1987 by original rehabilitation. Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun was the former site of the inscription, "the former residence of Cai Hesen," and the "New People will learn to set up site." 

The former site of the core protected area is about 5,000 square meters, is a small gray tiles, bent wood, woven bamboo wall structure of the Qing Dynasty houses. Gallery organizing a "Citizen Society Party Harbinger" display and exhibition, the vast number of young people and the revolutionary masses to accept an important place for traditional education, is a cultural landscape and natural scenery melting as one of the patriotism education base and tourist attractions .