Mt. Lu Scenic Spot


Sheli is a transliteration of SARIRA in Sanskrit. It means “body” that predicts the bone substance left after cremation. It is said that after Sakyamuni’s death, eight Kings from eight countries shared the relics and built Dagoba for consecration. The original Dagoba had fell down. In the early days of Republic of China, Monks were ready to build pagoda on the original location. Ultimately the Dagoba was renovated totally in granite in the early days at the foundation of new China,. It consists of three floors, with appearance like a mitral. A stone tablet was built in the west side of the tower, with delicate words “Sui She Li Ta” engraved in the front. In the back of the tablet was engraved “Gong Jian Pu Ti”, meaning “awakening” in the Buddhist language.