Mt. Lu Scenic Spot

Lushan Temple

The Ancient Mt.Lu temple was built in Taishi four years of western Jin Dynasty. The Ancient Mt.Lu temple stele is called “Sanjue Stele”, which is famous for its articles, calligraphy and carve and is also the most ancient stele existing in the Mt.Yuelu. The Ancient Mt.Lu temple suffered a lot and witnessed the past brilliance. Although hiding in mountains, it still suffered battles. It was destroyed many times and restored again by monks. In recent history, it was bombed by Japanese airplanes, Grand Hall, Maitreya Hall and abstinence hall turned to relics. Only the Temple Gate and Guanyinge surprisingly survived. The present Grand Hall and Maitreya Hall was rebuilt according to the original appearance by Buddhist Association of Hunan province and Mt.Yuelu Scenic Spot Management Agency. Built according to the mountains with few palaces, the Ancient Mt.Lu temple looks most majestic and impressive.