Mt. Lu Scenic Spot

Ai wan Pavilion

Dating from the 57th year during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing dynasty (1972), Aiwan Pavilion was founded by the dean of Yuelu Academy and was listed one of China's four famous Pavilions. Its original name is Hongye Pavilion, another name Aifeng Pavilion. Later on, it is called Aiwan Pavilion. Aiwan Pavilion experienced many changes. It was repaired in succession during Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong period in Qing dynasty. After liberation, party and the government had made five-time reparations. In 1952, when Hunan University was rebuilt, Li Da, the president of Hunan University specially wrote a letter to Chairman Mao asking him to write inscribed tablet “Aiwan Pavilion”. In 1969, when Mt.Yuelu Park was restored, Chairman Mao’s Cursive script Qin Yuan Chun Changsha was engraved in ‎Caisson, which added an extra luster to the ancient Pavilion. Aiwan Pavilion becomes more and more popular through international exchanges. When Changsha was twinned with Luer diao in Japan, as the symbol of ancient Changsha, Aiwan Pavilion was replicated in Luer diao according to the regulation in honor of the long-term friendship between China and Japan.